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About Zip Blinds

Completely transform your space to create a sense of seclusion and refuge. Spend more time with family and friends to enjoy life outdoors. Zip blinds are rising steadily to become one of Singapore’s preferred blinds for balconies and patios, whether for commercial or residential spaces. Not surprisingly, due to its sleek modern look, ease of use, longevity and low maintenance, zip blinds have been replacing conventional traditional outdoor roller blinds.

While traditional outdoor roller blinds require manual cranks, with their own holding mechanism, zip blinds are fully motorised. Manual pulling and lifting of the blinds is an easy feat due to their lightweight material, especially since a specially designed track enables the blinds to be guided seamlessly.

Installation and Service

Due to their obvious advantages, the use of zip blinds for balconies and patios has increased over the past few years. Ziptrak is a premium zip blind that hails straight from Australia, with over 30 years in the industry. The blind material is attached to their spline tape by this patented design, which is then effectively wielded to the front and back of the fabric or PVC material to ensure greater durability.

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Benefits of Zip Blinds

Our blind Ziptrak system lets you optimise your home’s amount of available space, transforming your balcony into a comfortable, shaded escape. By blocking out large quantities of rain, it is designed to keep your balcony clean and dry. The majority of zip blinds are entirely motorised and require a fixed panel. Our authentic Ziptrak is capable of creating a built in blind without any fixed panel and it is great for L, U or even Z shaped balcony. Our fabrics are super durable, resistant to UV, water and also act as a dust barrier.

Increase Usable Space

The trusted outdoor living solution easily transforms your space to create a sense of seclusion and sanctuary.

Convert Outdoors Into Indoors

Transform your ‘outdoors’ into ‘indoors with our Zip Blinds at the flick of a button. These zip blinds are most commonly used as outdoor sunshade blinds. They are installed on balconies or your home’s other outdoor leisure areas.

Automated Solution

With literal push-button effortlessness, change the mood and environment. With our motorised zipscreen system, with the exception of your finger pressing the button, you spend no effort pulling the blinds up or down.

Climate Protection

Protect the members and furniture of your family from the harmful effects of UV rays, heat, rain, and insects. In order to effectively prevent sun damage to the skin and eyes, Ziptrak is able to block up to 90 per cent of UV rays.

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Our Zip Blinds

There has never been a better way of growing your house. Crafted and thoroughly tested, it aims to unlock the secret potential of your home, without the time-consuming hassle and expense of typical renovations. Enhance your room and construct an outdoor haven for true leisure and pleasant entertainment, hassle-free.

Custom-designed to suit any commercial or residential facility. Zip blinds make it simple, whether you’re reinventing your living space or renovating your business area. It describes the ultimate in outdoor living with years of history, and provides an elegant, safe and reliable outdoor shade solution.


Elegant Technology

Ziptrak features a proprietary spring-balanced track system that allows the blind, with minimal effort, to be lifted, lowered or stopped in any position and is compact and easy to use. That is why mechanisation is not important and available as an option. The spring-balanced track system also removes the need for cables and wires that can break or cranks that work slowly and tediously.

Wind Resistant

With its proprietary side spline welded to both sides of the cloth, it not only guarantees that it does not rattle, but also makes it one of the toughest structures on the market anywhere. The Ziptrak Sunshade, tested and proven to be able to withstand winds of up to extremely high speeds.

Wide Selection of Fabric

Shades are made with your Atmosphere and Phifer Fabric Selection fabric option, not only that, we have 6 different powder-coated tracks, rails, and brackets colours for you to choose based on your preferences choice.

Energy Saving

It takes less energy to cool your outdoor spaces. Our blinds are designed to absorb as well as dispel 65 to 90 percent of the heat and glare of the sun effectively. Enjoy comfortable temperatures indoors or air-conditioned, and even greater savings in electricity.

Warranty Provided

With our goods, we stand by. As our products are manufactured and manufactured in our Singapore-based factory, the guarantee of our engines and systems is trustworthy and reliable. We have a warranty of 5 years for the engines and 1 year for our fabrics and materials.

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