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About Rainbow Blinds

Rainbow blinds are also known as shadow blinds, combi-blinds, zebra blinds or Korean blinds. Normally, conventional blinds have just one sheet. Rainbow blinds, however, add two fabric layers. Sometimes these two layers consist of polyester and one perforated material. You have a pulley string system, like conventional blinds, to manage the ascent and descent of the blinds. To let in your desired amount of natural light, the fabrics can be modified. A rare consolidation of the role of horizontal and roller blinds into a single type is the result.

Installation and Service

It is a lot like regular roller blinds to run rainbow blinds. Of course, for the longevity and lifetime of your blinds, the consistency of the mechanism is an integral factor. The sheer material usually used for rainbow blinds exudes subtle elegance analogous to sheer elegant curtains, other than ease of control. In spite of this, protection of privacy and regulation of UV light is not compromised. Therefore for Singapore homes-HDBs, condos, and bungalows- as well as commercial spaces, rainbow blinds are fine.

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Benefits of Rainbow Blinds

In rooms with contemporary décor, this kind of window covering will blend effectively. These can also work perfectly in rooms with a great outdoor view.

If you want horizontal blind versatility combined with soft fabric comfort, and versatile regulation over daylight and privacy, then these are the blinds that suits your needs. In Singapore, we offer the finest rainbow blinds that will suit your windows, your style and your budget perfectly. Do not hesitate to drop us a line so we can help you if you are unsure which blinds to get.

Control of Privacy

These provide great flexibility by simply changing the strip spacing to gently philtre the sun or close it to block sunlight completely and for total privacy. To brighten up the place, you can also roll it halfway or all the way up.

Automated Control

Rainbow blinds come with automatic options, which can be operated through a separate remote control system or mobile apps. Or using Google Home or Amazon Alexa, you can handle it by voice recognition.

Easy to Maintain

Rainbow blinds need limited maintenance. A cleaning cloth or a brush is what you need and you can dust off the accumulated dirt. They’re also very robust. It is understood that high quality brands last a very long time.

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Our Rainbow Blinds

Overall, a budget way to heat and cool the house is high quality vertical blinds. They even give you better glare reduction and accompany your current decor and improve it. In appearance, these blinds are sleek, elegant and softer than other blinds. Therefore in complete harmony with your house, they work.

Vertical blinds can be as plain or as sophisticated as you wish. Track colours can be rendered to match wall colours, and higher flair can be applied to pelmets. A wide variety of in-season fabric colours can also be picked. For combining with existing blinds, high quality vertically drawn blinds are perfect. They are also a cost-effective option that fits most budgets. Plus, during the day and at night, they look amazing.

Differences with roller blinds

In Singapore, high quality vertical blinds add dimension to your screens. With modern lines that can be color-matched to your house, their appearance is refined. It is also possible to render these blinds to accommodate sloping windows. With excellent light regulation capabilities, they are an economical solution. Roller blinds, on the other hand, since they are compact, are suitable for smaller spaces. These blinds are ideal as a practical light management system. Plus, they have a degree of privacy for you. These blinds, in general, give you a minimalist look that is basic yet crisp.

Wide Selection

To suit the one that is best for your room, there are a lot of blade width, texture, and colours to choose from. Whether it is a baroque or minimalist space, its simple look goes well with any interior. The texture is fine and delicate, but it is uncompromising in consistency.

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