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About Roller Blinds

Give your windows with made-to-measure roller blinds an immediate makeover. In a variety of materials, including aluminium, we offer these classic window treatments, so if you’re trying to build a clean and modern effect or you prefer a more traditional design, roller blinds will achieve the look you’re after without fuss.

Our roller blinds look fantastic in a wide range of spaces, highly flexible with blockout and sheer choices and in a variety of blade widths from 50 mm. So if you are redecorating the master bedroom, searching for a cheaper blind to upgrade the guest bathroom or creating a new kitchen design, our made-to-order roller blinds are a charming and functional option in any space for windows. Roller blinds and curtains also look fantastic, so you can further customise your windows without compromising taste. With nine stylish shades available, it won’t be difficult to adhere to your colour scheme either.

Installation and Service

The top supplier of window blinds and curtains in Singapore is Curtain World, and one of our specialties is roller blinds. We also supply traditional blinds and window shades of all types. Our business designs, creates, supplies and instals our goods. It is a term for completion of operation, to meet the requirements of our most specific customers. This entire service is offered, strictly as quoted and within time standards, at the most affordable rates. Ready-made blinds and the design and manufacturing of custom made blinds are included in our product line.

We have a variety of contemporary colours and fabrics, whether you’re looking for blockout or sheer roller blinds, so you’ll be sure to find the right window decoration to represent your individual sense of style and home decor.

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Benefits of Roller Blinds

There are many benefits to roller blinds, both aesthetic and practical. Typically, they are framed and secure, and thus clean and tidy. They are quiet and simple to monitor, powered either by a rechargeable battery or mains power. Roller blinds can adapt to your moods, usually controlled by a remote two-directional control.

Interestingly, there may be multiples of roller blinds over one wide window or several smaller ones. They can be coordinated, controlled or split in sequence. For commercial places such as hotels or convention centres, roller blinds are ideal.

Aesthetic Design

One of the factors why roller blinds are becoming incredibly popular for homeowners is that a single sheet of material is produced due to its clean and attractive nature. It’s clean and simplistic nature enables a wide variety of materials to be used to accommodate the interior decor of various home types. In addition, the roller blind is sturdy and simple to work. Your blinds should be capable of lasting decades with limited maintenance.

Budget-friendly and Functional

Roller blinds are a great budget-friendly choice, and they are offered in both translucent and blackout materials which provide a dark and perfect atmosphere for a restful shut eye. For children and babies who need sleep during the day, this is particularly necessary.

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Types Of Roller Blinds

Decorative roller blinds form part of your home or commercial premises’ interior design. They can be discreet or make a declaration. To produce a decorative feature, blinds can be simple, or dressed with swag and tails. Across Singapore, our preliminary style and design advice and installation is included. If you are considering installing roller style blinds in your Singapore residential, business or commercial premises, contact us and we will be pleased to assist you.

Sun Screen Roller Blinds

Blinds of the sun screen are just that. These are typically made of a synthetic material and are meant to reduce glare and reduce UV. Without limiting your views, they limit the sunlight in a room.

Semi-translucent Roller Blinds

In general, transparent blinds or mood blinds are used at night. They retain opinions, but offer confidentiality and minimise glare. Translucent roller blinds help create an aura of romance.

Double Roller Blinds

With ease, double roller blinds can be fitted. They are multiple layer blinds, usually of two kinds, but three kinds occasionally. Suggestions may include blackout sunscreen or decorative transparent sunscreen. Each blind works independently of the other so that it is possible to change the levels of mood, atmosphere or ambience on a whim. These are particularly helpful in commercial establishments, such as hotels, where room use takes place during the entire day.

Motorised Roller Blinds

That’s hardly a problem these days, with ease and rapidity the answer. In a commercial setting, this is especially the case. At the flick of a switch, one may change the light intake. A visitor doesn’t have to get out of bed, either. And it’s a neat look, to be in a room in synchronised motion with all the blinds retracting. The roller engines are usually powered by mains electricity, controlled by a remote controller. Rechargeable battery capacity may be used under specific situations, however.

Blackout Roller Blinds

Blackout roller blinds shut off all exterior light from the room they are mounted in. Sometimes used in hotel bedrooms and meeting rooms, they turn a bright day into night-time.

Our Roller Blinds

If you live in a high-rise or on a building without any view, rollers look very cool pulled down, making them a nice choice. It’s almost like having another wallpaper-like layer of texture, except on your walls. Some designers put them in projects that just to achieve a more trendy look, do not need window treatments.

Range Of Selection

Choose from the wide variety of colours and patterns that your room can match. Take your choice of fabrics that go beyond beauty, such as sunscreen, block out and transparent fabrics as they serve different purposes. For example, you can go for blocking out fabric if full privacy is what you want; or if letting sunlight without the rays and glare is what you’re after, then your best bet is sunscreen fabric. And the list continues.

Commitment To Durability

Our roller blinds are made from high-quality tubes of steel that make them very durable. We also use first-rate control systems that make it very simple to operate our blinds. Let us offer you the best available choices for Singapore roller blinds. Call us now or give us a message and be prepared to not only get top-quality blinds, but also fantastic customer service.

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