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Have you ever felt that your outdoor spaces are your home’s extension? Your balcony or patio can work to expand your living area just like another room, but if you have not properly configured your outdoor spaces, they won’t be very welcoming, and you won’t get full use out of them.

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The key reasons why people’s outdoor spaces accumulate dust include too much heat, exposure to the atmosphere, or not enough furniture. Designing your outdoor balcony area correctly will change the way you think about your home and create a room that can be enjoyed all year round by you, your family, and your friends.

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Benefits of Outdoor Blinds

Two styles of extreme Singapore climatic conditions should be able to endure outdoor roller blinds: heat and dampness. If you discover that one of these extremes is your outdoor living space: too hot, too light, too cold, too damp or too gusty, then you need to probably install outdoor blinds. Your room al fresco is supposed to be experienced. And to do that, maybe it’s time to invest in high-quality top-notch outdoor blinds.

The best solution for regulating the temperature, light and atmosphere in your outdoor spaces is outdoor blinds. Four of the main features and advantages of integrating outdoor blinds into your residence are:

Extend your living space

Build an outdoor living space where the advantages of your external world can be fully appreciated. Breathe in the fresh air, take in the sun whenever you want, watch a rainstorm, or pull down the blinds and just enjoy the breeze. You can do almost everything you can do within your home al fresco, with a decent collection of outdoor blinds.

Relax with Privacy

Your outdoor areas may be in the line of vision of your neighbours or passing vehicles if you live in a residential or urban area. Outdoor blinds give you the protection you want so that in your pyjamas you can read your morning newspaper comfortably, or relax a little less on those hot days. To create a nice mood for a supper for two, you can also draw the blinds.

Functional Shelter

Outdoor blinds are immune to the weather, so they are ideally built to protect your room from wind and rain. Don’t worry about getting in your outdoor pillows if you have a rough storm on the way, you can simply draw your blinds and say with confidence your outdoor area will be covered. Dust and pest defence Dust, insects and pollutants naturally collect over time in outdoor areas. Slide down your outdoor blinds to shield your furniture when you aren’t using your outdoor space, and save huge amounts of time on cleanings.

Protection from rays

There is no better time of year than in the summer to enjoy the outdoors, but that is also when the heat is at its roughest. Outdoor blinds help you to block the sun during the year in the strongest times of the day so you can still reap the many benefits of spending quality time outdoors.

Advanced control

When you try to appreciate a good lunch with family and friends, or read a book on your back porch, the sun’s glare and reflection can be bothersome. Outdoor blinds allow you, during the day to control the light to suit your purpose.

Pest Protection

Outdoor blinds repel insects and dust particles and philtre debris, so you spend less time cleaning and vacuuming your room.

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Our Outdoor Blinds

Blinds are made to produce a solid and durable outdoor fabric from a weaving process. Selecting the colour and material of your blinds and matching them to your home’s specific tastes and décor is the fun part. With varying levels of sun and wind cover, you can find a variety of different choices. Clear blinds, tinted blinds, opaque blinds, and shade blinds are included. There are dozens to choose from when it comes to colours. You might stick to the basic shades of cream, grey or brown, or you might go for green or red for some flare. Palettes are available to match the current colour scheme.

Both systems are simple and intuitive to use but the track-guided systems are more stable in place since the track runs the entire blind length, while an optional lock mechanism at the bottom weights down and locks the wire-guided systems in place. Then the wire-guided device is for you if you want the choice of motorised power. Both can provide light and environmental control regardless of the device you select, and can be further modified in a variety of materials.

Track-guided outdoor blinds

Track-guided outdoor blind systems are an easy-to-use, imaginative and streamlined design. Such blind systems use a spring loaded tracking device that allows the vertical blind in its tracks to roll up and down. That means that the blind can be adjusted to whatever height you want.

Track-guided blinds are suitable for your outdoor areas and when you want to let in maximum light and air, or can partly close them at different times of day or during different weather patterns, you can change them to a full opening. What’s more: they’re super easy to use for all ages, so because of incorrect use, you don’t need to stress about the family struggling with them or breaking them.

Using a strengthened spline tape on each end of the roller, track-guided blind systems run. When the blind rolls, this mechanism retracts inside the blind, and operates alongside a lock mechanism that keeps the blind closed at the desired height. On their own, your blinds will not lose momentum, and will remain locked in place until you change them. To suit every taste and décor, track-guided blinds come in a variety of materials and colours.

Cable-guided outdoor blinds

Another type of blind system that gives functionality, power and style to your outdoor spaces is wire-guided or cable-guided outdoor blinds. The use of a heavy-duty gearbox that is powered by a crank works with these outdoor blind systems. The blind has weights on the rim, with an optional lock mechanism to protect it to ensure that it stays in place. They can be used and built very quickly.

The system components are made of stainless steel and aluminium, which renders them component-resistant and suitable for outdoor use. Wire-guided blinds can be modified to any vertical location to block or allow light and air, similar to the track-guided scheme. They function with accurate movement because of the toughness of the structure, which prevent the blind from shifting, warping or flapping in the wind.

Outdoor cable-guided blinds have a sleek and elegant look, and can give your outdoor spaces a touch of style. They can be used with or without a head-box at the top of the blinds, covering the cranks. If you wish, these devices can also be motorised for extra convenience.

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