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About Roman Blinds

Roman blinds, distinguished by their soft, delicate folds, can give your windows a stylish facelift. These traditional window treatments, which are highly versatile, can add a sense of timeless beauty to almost any room in your home.

Roman blinds are produced from a single piece of fabric and when lifted, are designed to fold up into tidy pleats. For that stylish contemporary look, the cord connects to mounting slats which pull them together.

Roman blinds speak volumes in your home with crisp, horizontal lines. These blinds have a layered look, allowing you greater heat control and privacy. With Roman shades, you can also screen out or philtre glare and light.

Installation and Service

Roman blinds, which combine feature with style, are highly functional without sacrificing elegance. They will not only help control the room temperature, but also allow you to easily change how much light you let in at any given time. To change the light filtration level, simply adjust the cord. They also have the added appeal with a curtain-like appearance of being able to soften the look and sound of spaces while adding instant warmth.

As well as helping to keep out any unnecessary sun rays, our special, blockout-lined Roman blinds will give you maximum privacy. Our light filtering blinds let daylight through while removing glare if you are after anything a little more delicate, helping to keep your home vibrant and airy even when the blinds are down. Our Roman sunscreen blinds are suitable for rooms where natural light is needed, helping to block damaging UV rays without blocking your view and softening the light.

Low maintenance

Highly customisable

Reduces glare

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Benefits of Roman Blinds

Roman shades have a smooth flowing look and are decorative. They are cost-effective, give style to a space, and can accentuate your appearance. Plus, they are easy to instal and if necessary, to uninstall. Many individuals who purchase Roman blinds prefer colours that correspond with their walls. When matched to the shades of furniture, Roman shades often appear amazing. These methods of interior design offer additional flair to your house. In your house, Roman shades bring out the best, with elegant design choices and colours.

Roman blinds are a perfect climate management option for your home in general. They allow you to block and reduce glare from light or philtre sunlight. This control helps you to reduce the amount of light that reaches your home from ultraviolet (UV) light. UV light will over time fade carpets and furniture, so you protect your soft furnishings and reduce the cost of replacement.

Easy To Maintain

It’s no secret that one of the simplest blinds to maintain and maintain is roman blinds. For effortless usability, they are a great choice. Whenever roman blinds are listed, minimalist, simplicity and ease are terms that come to mind.

Highly Customisable

Roman blinds create an exquisite affection that just can not equal roller blinds. Moreover to give your home a stylish coordinated designer look, Roman blinds are adjustable to suit your curtain fabrics. Both blinds are excellent choices, but each has its strengths to meet the desired needs.

Enhances Privacy

Dim-out or blackout fabrics increase privacy and are typically installed in bedrooms where a good restful sleep is induced by blocking out stray light. They are ideal for internal frame mounting, particularly for smaller windows, since Roman Blinds take up significantly less room than traditional draperies.

Increases Spaciousness

Roman blinds created from sheer fabrics permit the most light to pass through while providing a moderate amount of privacy to emphasise the spaciousness of a large area such as the living room.

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Types Of Roman Blinds

Roman blinds can quickly become the focal point of any room with their sleek and sophisticated look, offering a classy and stylish upgrade that is very simple on the budget. Roman blinds compliment your in-home decor with a vast choice of colours available. You may choose between lighter, subtler colours, or more vivid tones that are bold. These tones allow you to match home decor or make a statement that is contrasting.

Our Roman shades are produced from high-quality wood dowels and high-quality steel guide rings. We use first-rate fabrics as well. Roman blinds of our standard have sewn side hems and use the latest innovations in the market. We pledge and give you a warranty for our goods.

Translucent Roman Blinds

For you to choose from, we have a choice of translucent Roman shades. These Roman blinds are made from fabric that philtres light. They enable light, therefore, through the blind and into your residence. These Roman shades are also capable of blocking the sun, however. As a consequence, in the kitchens and dining rooms, they give you exceptional privacy and work well.

Blockout Roman Blinds

For those looking for improved anonymity, blockout Roman blinds are a great option. You may want to limit light from entering a room as well. If so then, with 100% light blocking fabric, these Roman shades are perfect. In bedrooms, these blinds work well and control the glare of the TV and computer screen, enabling you to relax better and gain improved visibility.

Our Roman Blinds

Our Roman blinds come in a variety of designs and finishes. From the classic design, you can pick or go for the more modern finish. These blinds, however, arrive with cord operation or could be motorised for easy use. As they are child-proof and suitable for mounting above doors and windows, Roman shades work in unison with your home environment. This means they give you excellent clearance, and you can see the view, too.

Bedrooms and Lounges

These are ideally suited to lounges and bedrooms, where they can become a highlight and tie the overall look of the room together, provided the comfortable and welcoming feeling of Roman blinds exude. If you’re looking for comfort and elegance in your blinds, then choose us. In Singapore, we give you the finest range of Roman blinds that will improve the look and feel of your home.

Stylish Selection

You get the consistency and elegant look of curtains and the soft feel of draperies with Roman blinds, combined with the practicality and power of blinds. When curtains are not possible, they are fine, such as for windows without a floor-to-ceiling length. Just as you would with curtains, you have a large range of fabrics to choose from. Pulling the cord raises the blinds conveniently into elegant cascading pleats that add beauty to every interior. For small spaces, Roman blinds are particularly nice because they don’t distract from the windows or light.

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