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About Vertical Blinds

Create a chic, understated look with our range of vertical blinds of high quality. Specifically manufactured to withstand the harsh tropical climate of Singapore, our durable fabric will have your window treatments looking prettier for longer. To complete the look of any room, having the correct window treatment is essential, and with a variety of colours available and customisation options, we have made it easy to get the designer look without the heavy price tag.

A row of well, vertical slats consists of vertical blinds. They are simpler and quicker to operate than the cousin of their horizontal slats, Venetian blinds. This is because, just like curtains, vertical blinds retract from left to right. In comparison to the effort required to pull slates up, this enables their weight to be leveraged evenly.

Installation and Service

The vertical blinds’ slats are designed to rotate the amount of light and control it. Offers full confidentiality when closed. Providing confidence that you will not be able to look into your home with roaming eyes.

Vertical blinds are highly recommended to cover sliding doors and patio doors because when fully drawn, they do not obstruct the passage. This multi-functional layout makes them extremely helpful. In addition to that you can begin see why vertical blinds are a top choice among homes and offices with their chic aesthetic and their relatively low cost.

Ease of Use

Versatile Solution

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Benefits of Vertical Blinds

Singapore’s high-quality vertical blinds are child-friendly. They come in different widths and finishes for the blade. You can also choose from a range of options for opening and closing, and solutions for tracking. Plus, vertical blinds accentuate the décor of your home with a selection of track colours. Pelmet options on high-quality blinds also add to your home a touch of class. Best of all, these blinds, with stain resistant fabrics, are simple to clean. Fire retardant materials and block out materials are also available.

It is not easy to try and find an inexpensive window dressing that complements your home. High quality vertical blinds, however, can provide the perfect solution for you. Vertical blinds in Singapore, with a stylish look, are perfect for larger openings. They offer you wonderful light control and privacy, as well as heat insulation from the tropical weather. Plus, with a range of fabric choices, high quality vertical blinds can improve your existing decor.

Easy To Maintain

Vertical slats do not accumulate dust as much as horizontal slats. Dusting a full section of vertical blinds in one sweep is easy, while horizontal blinds have strings and other mechanisms that could be a bit more cumbersome. Another plus point for vertical blinds is that single-blind panels can be easily replaced in the rare event that they get damaged.

Practical Solution

This type of blind can indeed be the ideal and practical window covering, no matter how large the window is or however irregular in shape it is. The slats of the blinds can be tiled to philtre the rays of the sun coming in without blocking the view from outside entirely. This provides you with lots of options and ultimate control.

Easy to Use

Vertical blinds, which are easier and quicker to operate, require very little muscle strength as they simply glide when pulled. And since it stands vertically, it is also easy to clean with no easy collection of dust on the slats. Choose from our many vertical blind colours, styles and materials in Singapore, all of which boast high quality and affordability. To get your necessary quotes, advice, and recommendations, contact us today.

Highly Versatile

Commercial properties, residential establishments, and government offices can all benefit from the usability, style, and ease of handling offered by vertical blinds.

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Our Vertical Blinds

Overall, a cost-effective way to heat and cool the house is high quality vertical blinds. They even give you greater glare reduction and accompany your current decor and improve it. In appearance, these blinds are sleek, elegant and softer than other blinds. Therefore in complete harmony with your house, they work.

Vertical blinds can be as basic or as elaborate as you wish. Track colours can be rendered to match wall colours, and higher flair can be applied to pelmets. A wide variety of in-season fabric colours can also be picked. For mixing and matching with existing blinds, high quality vertically drawn blinds are perfect. They are also a cost-effective option that fits most budgets. Plus, during the day and at night, they look amazing.

Differences with roller blinds

In Singapore, high quality vertical blinds add dimension to your screens. With modern lines that can be color-matched to your house, their appearance is refined. It is also possible to render these blinds to accommodate sloping windows. With excellent light regulation capabilities, they are an economical solution. Roller blinds, on the other hand, since they are compact, are suitable for smaller spaces. These blinds are ideal as a practical light management solution. Plus, they have a degree of privacy for you. These blinds, in general, give you a minimalist look that is basic yet crisp.

Differences with horizontal blinds

Vertical blinds give you a larger number of options for light control. Many other blinds may be open or closed, or may be up or down. However, vertical blinds are made of blades that are smaller in size, giving your home a subtle, less intrusive look. Horizontal blinds come in a range of colours and designs such as plantation shutters, including Venetian blinds. Also, many are made to measure. In your home, however, they make a bold statement and can be more costly.

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