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About Bamboo Blinds

Our bamboo blinds are woven out of natural bamboo, giving them all the same true bamboo characteristics. They are extremely robust and moisture resistant, making them a fabulous choice for countering the hot weather of Singapore and securing outdoor areas including balconies, service yards and patios.

Their natural texture makes it possible for homeowners to incorporate bamboo blinds with their living spaces, helping to create a rustic, cosy and calming atmosphere. Our bamboo blinds also come in black and white for a more colonial theme, aside from the normal shades of bamboo.

Installation and Service

In Singapore, bamboo blinds fit the tropical environment, filtering soft natural light and offering 100 percent evidence when supported against heavy rain. Bamboo chick blinds provide your space with ambience, texture and depth, while being totally affordable. We offer a convenient service at Blinds Singapore, which will have your blinds fixed within days of ordering.

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Benefits of Bamboo Blinds

Add fire, comfort, and cosiness with blinds made of woven bamboo shafts to your home or commercial space. A premium quality that can easily turn your room into shabby chic or rustic elegance is the texture that bamboo blinds bring to your interior. The bamboo blinds are sandwiched between colourful curtains and you have a simple focal point in the room right away. For that homey feel, place some classic drapery beside light bamboo blinds. For a great layering effect, add a bit of valence on top of the blinds. Your only limit is your imagination.

We recommend layering them with day curtains if you want a more elegant aesthetic. The efficacy of bamboo blinds in blocking sunlight and holding temperatures down is improved by this setup.

Easy to Clean

The bamboo chick blind can be easily dusted or cleaned in a single motion relative to the tedium of wiping down each slat in Venetian type blinds.

Versatile Design

Bamboo blinds enhance natural materials in Singapore and give a retro feel to any type of furnishing. We give a variety of styles and colours-bamboo blinds can also be matched to your colour scheme with drapes and coloured or varnished.

window bamboo blinds
rolled bamboo blinds
traditional bamboo blinds

Types Of Bamboo Blinds

To make bamboo blinds in Singapore to your requirements, we use only high quality bamboo from around the world. There is no minimum size and while we may build any length or height, it is made to scale.

All blind styles will be painted or varnished to suit your choice. Just put in your order and within 10 days, we will deliver and instal your new bamboo chick blinds. Replacement ropes and pulleys can be purchased, as can the replacement of old blinds, for an extra fee.

Woven Bamboo Blinds

To produce a solid, unshakable blind with superb texture, bamboo threads in and out of the vertical struts.

Raw Bamboo Chick Blinds

Raw Bamboo Blinds offers large slats slotted in a haphazard choppy style that provide a versatile, handmade quality that enables the light to be playfully filtered.

Natural Bamboo Blinds

Natural bamboo provides a general neutral coloured décor that brings a subtle and light atmosphere to your home.

Tortoiseshell Bamboo Blinds

The tortoiseshell blind has a more artistic style and makes a nautical feel for an outdoor look.

Matchstick Bamboo Blinds

We suggest the matchstick blind, which uses a very good bamboo, if you are looking for a blind with a wonderful atmosphere. Powerful vertical lines complement an office or formal lounge and a wonderful atmosphere is created by the subsequent soft filtering of the outside.

Our Bamboo Blinds

If you live in an apartment block with no view, rollers look very cool pulled down, making them a nice choice. It’s almost like having another wallpaper-like layer of texture, except on your walls. Some designers put them in projects that just to achieve a more trendy look, do not need window treatments.

Highly Durable

One of the hardest and most flexible natural materials has always been considered to be bamboo, making these blinds extremely resilient against different weather conditions. Moreover its trait of being one of the fastest growing plants enables it to become affordable. The ideal elements which naturally result in value for money are durability and affordability.

Friendly To The Environment

It takes decades for hardwood forests to develop, while shoots are harvested every three to five years by a bamboo farm. The use of bamboo for window shades is therefore a more socially conscious alternative, and the natural qualities of natural bamboo have made it a common choice among interior designers around the world as a window covering.

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