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Blackout Curtains

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About Blackout Curtains

Do you need maximum privacy or want to encourage a sleep-friendly night-time environment? To make that happen, blackout curtains are great. They are suitable for all rooms that need complete darkness. In the best possible setting, it could be for sleeping or even watching a movie. It is possible for heavy materials to block out light and absorb sound.

For anybody looking to insulate their home, create privacy, minimise noise and of course, block out light, blockout curtains are a perfect solution. However, just because these curtains are highly practical doesn’t mean that they can’t have a significant effect on style. In a variety of styles, we offer high-quality, custom-made blockout curtains, so you should be able to find the perfect window dressings for your room, whatever your personal tastes. With a number of different pleats, a whole host of attractive colors and a chic choice of patterns available when it comes to making the perfect blockouts to match your decorative scheme, you will have no shortage of choices. What’s more, by selecting how they will open, you can further personalise your sheets.

Installation and Service

The amount of light entering a space is limited by blackout curtains, known as night curtains. These curtains will transform night into day and come in a vast choice of colors and designs to complement the decor of any home.

Blackout curtains, which minimise illumination, are also heavier in weight than regular curtains. As they improve the quality of sleep, this heavier weight makes them suitable for bedrooms. Plus, these drapes look lavish, are generally made of a coated textile, and are lined. In Singapore, blackout curtains are suitable for reducing noise and blocking the sunlight. They are actually an outstanding way to keep a space cooler, ideal for tropical climates, such as ours.

Blocks 100% of sunlight

Ideal choice for bedrooms

Provide maximum privacy

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Benefits of Blackout Curtains

Up to 100% of the light in the home can be filtered by night curtains, eliminating harmful UV rays. You and your furnishings are shielded from sun damage by these properties. In-home glare can also be cut, so you can watch television. This helps to display the television or computer screen. Night curtains are also best suited for home theatres and offices.

In your house, the blackout curtain often gives you added protection. This incentive means that prying neighbours don’t have to think about you. As no-one to see into your residence during the day or night, home security is also strengthened. Blackout curtains have a water repellent lining, minimising exposure to moisture. This shield is water repellent, ensuring that your drapes last longer.


By blocking direct sunlight, blackout curtains will serve the benefit of getting to insulate homes, enabling your home to stay cool and potentially saving you on some energy bills by not forcing you to turn on the air conditioner. For a tropical country like Singapore, where we constantly complain about the heat and cost of living, this is great.

Not only are they insulated against heat, but they are also very efficient in providing noise insulation. Most of us live close to busy roads or other buildings, so we can really appreciate something that can help decrease the noise coming in or leaving our homes.

Total Darkness

Blackout curtains are capable of blocking 100% of the sunlight and causing total darkness. They would be most appropriate for people’s bedrooms that suffer from insomnia and require total silence and darkness in order to fall asleep. They are also good for the nursery of infants or the room of young children as they need their rest during the day. They are also ideal for home theatre systems due to the absolute darkness provided by the curtains.

They are so powerful that even an outside person can not tell if the lights inside the house are on.

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Our Blackout Curtains

As the name suggests, 100 percent of the illumination is obscured by blackout curtains, causing maximum darkness, making it particularly ideal for those who are very sensitive to light while sleeping. To accomplish this, blackout curtains are the perfect option. They are strongly recommended for people suffering from insomnia and also for families looking for babies and young children to develop sleeping habits.

Blackout night curtains’ triple material layers insulate your room and block some sound, further improving sleep efficiency. Dim-out night curtains still exist for those who choose not to have full darkness. The material structure of dim-out curtains enables 80% of the sunlight to be blocked. This offers a dim atmosphere for a “Soft Blackout,” but not a fully dark one.

They are a necessity for any home theatre system with their features. Talk with our friendly curtain specialists to find out how our thousands of material choices will enhance your room.

Range Of Selection

There are vast colour options and fabric styles available for blackout curtains. If you are trying to complement your current décor, then the options are comprehensive. With contrasting tones, you may also elect to make a bold statement. Although pastel or bold colors, or patterned prints and fabrics are also available, you can choose from smooth, subdued tones.

With broad collections, it’s easy to find the right curtains for your home or bed. It also implies that for an individual space, you can mix and match or build a unique look. You can also select more bright colours for those of you who want to demonstrate your flair. Such choices allow you to add to your home your own personal touch.

Ready Or Custom Made

In Singapore, you can choose from ready-made blackout curtains. These drapes are a perfect way of reducing your expenses. Plus, they’re able to hang these night curtains. Therefore, when you want your curtains up in a hurry, they are perfect.

You may instead, opt to give us your measurements. We will make your curtains for you then. You can choose from a larger range of fabrics using this option. Also we can correctly adjust your window sizes.

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