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We have been involved in the industry of curtains and blinds for over a decade and have provided full service. Ours is one of the largest and most disciplined employees who invest in thoughtfully listening to and upholding the customer’s needs.


With over 10 years of combined industry experience, our educated and skilled team has helped to fit over tens of thousands of Singaporean homes islandwide with window redecorating and outdoor balcony solutions.

About Curtain World

Curtain World was humbly established in 1995 in the HDB flat as a home-based customised curtain maker, and we are now one of Singapore’s leading curtain shops. We have been continuously providing the top-notch window covering products for more than two decades and creating a beautiful, unique atmosphere for every client. We are committed to providing our customers with our professional advice and thumb-up services regardless of residential, commercial or industrial projects. To date, with our mission of 100 percent customer satisfaction, we have supplied and installed distinct design styles of curtains and window blinds for thousands of customers. Our vision, however is to offer great affordable products with functionality on an ongoing basis and always be your reliable Singapore curtain shop.

What We Do

The reason why we were able to survive is because of our simple objective to create our business with our customers at our core, being one of the pioneering local curtains and blinds supplier brands in Singapore. At the most affordable price, we aim to provide the best quality products, while providing exceptional service to all who walk through our doors. We developed our company around our customers and offered lasers to concentrate on finding the best value products for them. We truly believe in the significance of having a homely home, and we know for a fact how much difference it would make with good quality window furnishing. When they engage us, we want all our customers to have a peace of mind and at the end of it all, we also would like them to walk away with a beautiful home knowing they have gotten the best products at the best value.

We only respect the highest expectations in terms of efficiency, individuality and innovation in our projects. Our fantastic technicians wear slippers and gloves when it comes to installing your new curtains or blinds to make sure they leave your home as clean and orderly as when they arrived.

Innovative Solutions

We always want to remain one step ahead of the curve. To help improve your way of life, we have the latest trends in window coverings and innovative technology. It’s hardly surprising we are known for design and innovation, whether it’s cutting-edge fabric or revolutionary technology. Whether it’s for HDB, condominium, bungalow, office, or retail store, we have the expertise and know-how to make the correct recommendations that can bring that vision to life in your head.

Be Inspired

Let us help you build your home with the perfect look! Be influenced by the new trends, colours and designs. We believe that every room’s most important feature is windows. You can create a lively and trendy feeling with the latest trends with the right window coverings, or a traditional look with a timeless classic. Our friendly design experts will help you find the ideal window cover that suits your style and home.

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Quick response

You will get your quote based on our Singapore curtain and blinds sales offer promotion within five minutes before you schedule your trip to buy curtains or window blinds, speak to us about your choice, give us your measurements, your floor plan, make an appointment and meet us so that you can work on your budget and decide later.

Professional Advice

Armed with our comprehensive window choices covering items and expert advice from us on designs, textures, and colours in our curtain shop, we ensured that you could make the final decision on your window dressing comfortably without regret.



Prompt Delivery

Our delivery will be the fastest in Singapore within 5 to 10 days upon confirmation. We guarantee you a hassle-free and clean installation, fitted with a dust extraction vacuum system connected to our low noise wall drilling tool and a well-qualified professional.

Customer Service

We establish a long-term relationship with them while we work with a client. Along with service maintenance, we guarantee only the highest standard. We have very high regard for our relationship with our customers. We have been assured true workmanship. In order to get our new quotes and realise your dreams, contact us today.

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